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In recent years, the industry has seen clinical trials increase in complexity but decline in productivity.

To improve clinical trial operations and increase the likelihood of regulatory approval, the industry needs to change its approach to clinical development.

For this Big Book, we spoke to eight Pharma IQ community members, each responsible for a different stage of the clinical process.

Over the course of this book we will demonstrate:

  • How the history of your discovery data can drive your clinical strategy forward.
  • Why collaboration with academia can boost your productivity and mitigate development risks.
  • Ways to connect with patients on a more human level to increase access to trials.
  • How technology can reduce the patient burden while also increasing the quality of your data.
  • Why the FDA wants you to connect with your real patient population and not just the “perfect” patient.
  • New approaches to the clinical development structure for complex therapeutics.
  • How to ensure your patients are active and engaged participants across the full trial process.
  • Opportunities to improve the sponsor—investigator relationship and increase operational efficiency.

There is a huge opportunity to transform the way the industry operates clinical trials and bring better products to patients faster.

Download your copy of the Big Book of Clinical Trials now to improve your next clinical trial journey. 

You will also receive a complementary pass to our upcoming online event, taking place on the 12th-14th of November. Over three days, our expert speakers will help you improve the way you manage, innovate and collaborate on your next clinical trial!

ΠΗΓΗ: Big Book of Clinical Trial Design



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