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by Nicole Ntampou

By €8.5 billion each year the German economy can potentially reduce losses in GDP, linked to the effects of migraines, he said, at the 13th Annual Conference of the European Association for Headaches, Dr. Alexandre Joyeux – Head, Global Patient Access Neurosciences at Novartis.

The initial results show that, compared with the standard of care (the established treatment) for a migraine patient, following a systematic medication with erenumab in Germany, could lead to a reduction of 95 million days of headaches annually, said the speaker.

In particular, Dr. Alexandre Joyeux pointed out that the effects of cephalalgia or headaches on the health of the patients reduce productivity by an average of 104 million productive hours per year. The prescription with erenumab  for the population as a whole, based on a study in Germany, can potentially reduce the loss of GDP in the German economy by €8.5 billion each year. It is worthwhile mentioning. 

that these hours are valued on the basis of Gross Value added (GVA), an internationally acceptable way of measuring economic activity from a macroeconomic point of view, which in simple terms represents the part of GDP that Corresponds to the specific medical intervention. 

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